Very few people succeed in business without a degree of trust. Outsourcing your business is a matter of trust. With OSS you can count on a team that is focused on continuous growth for your business and reaching the potential your brand deserves. 


We get results by helping our partners to maximize their sales and reduce their costs. Outsourcing your international business has the big benefit of reducing fixed commercial overheads. You will be part of a winning portfolio that consists of brands that don't compete and you have all opportunities of cross-selling and up selling your brand.


With OSS your brand will have immediate access to a worldwide network of professional partners and we can introduce you immediately to our sister companies that provide distribution in USA, UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. We specialize in selecting the right distributor to market your products; distributors with financial strength to support inventory and debtors. Our work is based on a thorough knowledge of customers, the potential and the competitiveness of the market.


Our aim is to help our partners to orient their strategies and tactics towards the customer in a systematic, innovative and profitable way. With OSS you can reach the 100% right business strategy for each individual market. We have the necessary knowledge to boost your sales network and equip it with the necessary tools to generate new leads that will become loyal, profitable and satisfied customers.


Besides yearly personal visits to the distributors and their markets, OSS actively markets, promotes and advertises your brand and products. Yearly OSS exhibits at IWA OUTDOOR CLASSICS, presenting all brands within our portfolio.


OSS does not accept competing brands or products and seeks leading innovative brands. To avoid conflicts in the market, OSS has no direct distribution or retail activities itself.