It’s one thing to say we are being responsible for offering brands that stand for quality, innovation and service. It’s another thing to prove it.


The quality of a product is determined by product users, dealers or distributors. The fulfillment of the requirements and goals for a product by the target group indicates the level of quality. The manufacturers OSS works with are producing according this philosophy to ensure the satisfaction of the purchase of their products.


Innovation and renewal are essential for all businesses to survive and thrive; one cannot improve financial performance by doing the same thing with the same products. Innovation requires the application of better solutions to meet new requirements. It requires the constant development of new products. OSS cooperates with its brands and assists them to achieve a high level of innovation and development by providing a bridge between markets, distributors and brand owners.


Sales & Marketing has been focused too long on the product, not the consumer. Products are copied and imitated, copying consumers, however, is infinitely more difficult. OSS seeks to keep the consumers of its branded products satisfied. This starts with offering good products at competitive prices, but must be followed by excellent service. Within OSS we see Customer Service as an integral part of our job and not as an extension of it. We know that a company’s most vital asset is its customers. Without them, we would not and could not exist. We owe our success to them.